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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Geocaching the Environmental Way

 In order to preserve nature and ensure that activities such as geocaching can be enjoyed by generations to come, it pays to take care of the environment while you are out there. Here is a list of things we each can do to insure that we take care of nature for generations to come.

•       Carry a trash bag on your vehicle and pick up litter left by others.
•       Pack out what you pack in.
•       Practice minimum-impact camping by using established sites and camping 200 feet from water resources and trails.
•       Observe proper sanitary waste disposal or pack your waste out.
•       Take a small bag and pack out your pet’s waste especially in front country areas or if it is left on or near trails or trailhead areas.
•       Before and after a trip, wash your gear and support vehicle to reduce the spread of invasive species.
•       Build a trail community. Get to know other types of recreationists that share your favorite trail.

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