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Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love Geocaching Lab Cache is easy to create.

At the beginning of February, the I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache experiment launched. During the month of February, Geocaching Premium members have the chance to create a temporary, personalized Lab Cache for one special person. This new test is different than normal geocaching and is open to all sorts of creative interpretations. If you’re a Geocaching Premium member and you haven’t created your Lab Cache yet, be sure to check it out.

I used the lab cache to create a special Valentines gift for my wife. She is an avid reader so I thought that the best cache for her would be a book. . After watching different YouTube videos on creating a hollow book the work began. So off to Goodwill to find a perfect book that I thought would work for my creation. After the hollow book was complete it was time to make the cover for the book. Once complete the book was placed on the entry way table with some other books, there it sat in plain sight.  It was time to create the cache in the I <3 Geocaching Lab. Once complete I was given a link that leads to my cache, it was then placed in the special Valentine’s Day email I sent to my wife. After searching the house using the hints given My wife found her first smile, hopefully the first of many.

Be sure to check out the  I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache page and create your own before time runs out.

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