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Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Deal With Geocaching Muggles

Geocaching is a popular "treasure-hunting" activity using a smart phone or a GPS devices to locate a "geo-cache"; a small container containing different trinkets. There are those out there that are not familiar with Geocaching.  Those people are referred to as  "muggles". Our job as a Geocacher  is to not let the  muggles discover the cache along with you!

Here are some steps you can take to deal with the muggles along the way.

1 Identify the “muggles”. There are three basic types of muggles, and some pose more of a threat than others. They are as follows.
The Oblivious Muggle: Muggles that are just going about their daily life and will pay you and the Geocache no attention.
The Lingerer: This muggle is going about their daily life and doesn't care about Geocaching, but they will linger in the spot right near the Geocache for long periods of time.
The Semi-Curious Muggle: Muggles whose curiosity is aroused when they see you Geocaching. Be prepared for them to come over and ask you what you're doing.
The Whistle Blower: These are the most dangerous type of muggles, as they will come over and pester you about what you're doing or call the police on you because of your 'suspicious' actions. They may also come over and attempt to find the Geocache after you've left.

2 Try not to draw attention to yourself. Avoid suspicious actions, such as constantly looking over your shoulder, or huddling over your GPS in heavily populated areas. These actions will draw attention to yourself, and a muggle is bound to either call the police or ask you what you're doing.

3 Come back later. If there are too many people around, or there are a few "lingerers" in the area, leave and come back later. Go get a coffee or go home for a couple hours, and then come back at a time where the area would be less populated so you can search for the Geocache then.

4 Make Geocaching look as natural as possible. If you need to dig around in the dirt, drop something and dig through the dirt to pick it up. If a muggle is approaching, put your GPS to your ear and pretend that it's a cell phone.

5 Be prepared to answer their questions. If a muggle comes over and asks you what you're doing, just admit that you're Geocaching. If they're interested, explain to them what Geocaching is, and tell them to look up the Geocaching.com  website online.

Let us strive to keep Geocaching fun  for everyone.

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