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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Travelbugs and Geocoins

Travelbugs and Geocoins

 When you come across them in a cache, you can :
A .....Admire them,
B .....Discover them, or
C.....Retrieve them to move to another cache.

A- Admire them, check them out, then put them back.

B-To discover them, write down the unique ID number that is on the object and use that number to find the item's page on geocaching.com. On that page you can post a "discover' note and you will get an addition to the number found and/or a special icon added to your onsite profile.

C- For Retrieval, you do the same as B - except you will have the item with you at home. The next time you are out cacheing, 'Drop' the item in another cache and, in your online log, click on the specific item in the menu at the bottom of the log page - before you hit the final 'Log' button.

Special Notes:
1 Take care in transcribing the ID number. Sometimes O and 0, 5 and S, and other combinarions are a little difficult to distinguish. If you are trying to Retrieve the item and you are certain you have the ID correct but there is no page for that item, then it is yours to keep or pass on as you wish.

2  Some of these items have a "mission." This is a plan for the travels of the item, established by the owner. Do your best to aid this item in the mission when you place it in another cache.

3  Please, never reveal the unique ID number in text or a photo.

4  Enjoy and have fun.

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